WAN Redesign – Make the Network GREAT Again!

Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 11:30am
Location: Catablu
6372 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

WAN Redesign – Make the Network GREAT Again!

After eight years of subscribing to a vendor managed MPLS wide area network, it became obvious that OUR best interests were not being served. Complexity, costs, inflexibility and extended downtime led us to reevaluate our network design. With the industry a-buzz with SD WAN offerings, we evaluated several vendors and eventually decided to deploy a hybrid SD WAN solution. This overview of our WAN Redesign Project will hopefully spark interest and questions to make this NITA session informative, beneficial, and enjoyable.

About the Speaker

During his 40-year career, Jim Cashman has worked for Central Soya, Dana Corporation, Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire and is now the Network Manager for Rea Magnet Wire. He started his career in 1978 as a computer operator, then a DOS/VSE, VM and telecommunications systems engineer, all during the age of the mainframe computer. Jim has since worked with AS/400, IBM OS/2, Novell Netware, Banyan Vines, Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft Windows, specializing in networking technologies, operating systems and database management and holds various certifications from IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco.
Jim and his wife have lived in Fort Wayne for most of their lives, and are looking forward to a long and quiet retirement consisting of ANYTHING except computers.

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